C1045 Hard Chrome Steel Shafts

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Difficult Chrome Plated Rod, JCPT Piston Rod, Cylinder Piston Rod, Chromium Rods, Linear Shafts, SBR Shafts, Hard Chrome Shaft, Induction Rod, Induction Shaft, and so on.

the range of Diameters consist of: 3-120mm

 Item  OD mm                                                                
Difficult Chrome Rod   3 10  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  20  22  25  28  30  32  35  40  45  50  55  60  65  70  75  80  85  90  100  110  120 
Induction Tough Chrome Rod  3 10  12  13  14  15  16  18  20  22  25  28  30  32  35  40  45  50  55  60  65  70  75  80  85  90  100  110  120 

The hard chromium piston rods developed by our business appear with more than JIS S45C substance, where the rods first bear precision milling and processing, and are then set by way of gard surface chromium treatment, allowing a surface precision degree of f7, and a surface hardness reaching HV800 minimum and up, which not only support to boost wear resistance but also assist to prolong the lifestyle cycle of the rods, as a result supporting the JCPTer preserve price.

The corrosion resistances is examined in our personal interior salt spray laboratory, and The rods floor heat therapy and hardness achieving HRC55°±2°, and at a hardened depth of between .5mm – 3mm, before the rods are set via precision milling and hard chromium remedy for a membrane thickness measuring twenty micron ± 10% to drastically boost the rod’s dress in resistance, and aid to lengthen the lifestyle cycle of the rods.

one. Chrome Plated Metal Bars:

Our Chrome Plated Bars are made from medium carbon chilly-finished or sizzling rolled metal bars usually in 1045 grades. The bars are centerless ground, polished, and chrome plated to a minimum thickness of .0005″, and .001″ per aspect. 
Chrome Plated bars are particularly developed to be employed for most piston rod applications in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

two.  Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Bars:

Our  Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Bars are created by utilizing innovative processing methods generally on JIS S45C, SAE1045 or DIN CK45 steel rods, for surface area elimination, sharpening, induction hardening, followed by challenging chrome plating to a thickness minimal of .0005″ or .001″ for every aspect. The finished product results in a superior influence resistant bar excellent for higher quality piston rods capable of handling difficult environments.


Linear Movement Xihu (West Lake) Dis.s, JCPT cylinder rods
plastic injection molding equipment, design gear, rubber molding machines, papermaJCPTs, printing equipment, refrigeration gear, foodstuff and chemical equipment, loading gear, fiber spinning equipment, textile machinery, agricultural products, automotives, shipbuilding and the like.

3. Chilly Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing (CDS)

is a cold drawn 1571 metal tube. Made from piercing sizzling rolled bar stock, the chilly drawing method will increase the tube’s physical properties reducing the cost of machine time. Cold drawn seamless tubing provides a better uniformed OD and ID, enhanced machinability, improved energy, and tighter tolerances in contrast to very hot complete seamless merchandise


JCPT cylinders
Truck and JCPTmotive components
JCPT gear
Agricultural factors
JCPT and Truck Axles, Suspension elements and shock absorbers
Higher Velocity Shafts and rollers
JCPTs and Spacers, Roll cages, and a lot of other machined tubular elements.

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C1045 Hard Chrome Steel Shafts